Inventaire des actions de nutrition de l’ONU
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UN Nutrition Inventory

The UN Nutrition Inventory tool takes stock of nutrition actions supported by the United Nations in a given country, enabling colleagues to compare the focus, magnitude of investment and location of these actions. Using a common framework, outlined in the Compendium of Actions for Nutrition (CAN), the exercise analyses data by thematic and geographic area to identify gaps, overlaps and opportunities for increased synergy among UN actors. The Inventory contextualizes these findings within the country’s nutrition situation and priorities articulated by the national nutrition plan. This not only helps the United Nations employ a data-driven approach to strategic planning on nutrition (including the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework), but also creates a working culture conducive to joint programming. 

The UN Nutrition Inventory has been conducted in 19 countries thus far. 

On demand services have also been provided in other countries, such as Egypt
Using the UN Nutrition Inventory

The UN Nutrition Inventory is used in various ways, such as:

In many countries, the UN Nutrition Inventory has proved to be an effective vehicle for expanding UN Network (UNN) membership to other UN agencies, whose work supports nutrition outcomes, with the potential to accelerate broader sustainable development.

To raise awareness among UN colleagues about the complementarity of UN support on nutrition and where there is potential to increase synergies. This positions nutrition as a point of convergence and helps UN agencies to operationalize the principles of UN reform.

To guide strategic planning on nutrition as well as prioritization exercises within the UN System at the country level, bearing in mind gaps and overlaps identified through the UN Nutrition Inventory.

To guide corrective action in nutrition-related UN programming of individual UN agencies based on findings of the Inventory to minimize duplication of efforts and to ensure 'no one is left behind'.

To foster and enable UN joint programming on nutrition, promoting increased collaboration and operational efficiencies.

To help integrate nutrition into the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF), formerly called the United Nations Development Assistance Framework or UNDAF.

To demonstrate how UN entities are putting their efforts together to tackle malnutrition challenges in a given country.

In some countries, the results from the UN Nutrition Inventory were used to feed into the development of common UN nutrition agendas/strategies.

As background information for country missions, conducted by UN colleagues.

Country examples

Since the UN Nutrition Inventory is an internal exercise, the full country files are not available online. Kindly write to the UNN Secretariat at if you have a specific request and it will link to you to the appropriate UN colleagues in the country of your interest.