Nutrition Stakeholder & Action Mapping
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Nutrition Stakeholder & Action Mapping

The mapping tool, developed by UNN-REACH in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group, identifies which stakeholders are doing what, where and how in order to provide a comprehensive picture of geographic and population coverage. It galvanizes a range of actors (including the different SUN networks), generating qualitative and quantitative data on ‘core nutrition actions’ that are implemented through the health, food, education and social protection systems as well as those that foster women’s empowerment, resilience and good nutrition governance. This animates the multi-sectorality of nutrition and guides scale-up in an efficient manner. 

To date, the mapping has been completed in 25 countries and various others are underway. See the Country Examples section below to learn more.

On demand services have also been provided in other countries, such as Egypt
Using the Nutrition Stakeholder & Action Mapping

Findings from the mapping exercise are used in a number of ways, such as:

To inform nutrition advocacy, including those activities that target government leadership and parliamentarians, and attract increased investment in nutrition.

To mobilize additional stakeholders and sectors in the nutrition arena in support of positive nutrition outcomes at the country level. 

To guide nutrition planning, budgeting and prioritization exercises at both national and sub-national levels, mindful of geographic areas and target groups with low intervention coverage, to maximize impact.

To track the implementation status of national nutrition plans and guide corrective action.

To strengthen nutrition information systems so that they include data on intervention coverage, and in turn, to support data-driven decision-making.

To modify stakeholder behaviour by encouraging data sharing across sectors and stakeholders to obtain the full picture of the nutrition situation in a given country.

To strengthen coordination capacity and data management skills of multi-stakeholder platforms (MSPs), which typically lead the mapping exercise, including at sub-national levels. 

To bridge national and sub-national level workstreams by supporting increased communications and data flows.

To inform the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement’s Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning system (MEAL) and the respective country dashboards, helping to foster mutual accountability within the SUN community. More specifically, the mapping is a source of data for the following 3 indicators in the MEAL under the 'Interventions and Food Supply' theme: (1) government ministries involved in nutrition actions at national level; (2) stakeholders involved in nutrition actions at sub-national level; and (3) high-impact nutrition specific actions coverage at sub-national level. 

As background information for country missions, conducted by UN colleagues and other development partners.

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