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WHO SEAR/A. Cabellero-Reynolds

Policies & programmes

Outcome 2: Strengthened and increasingly resourced national policies and programmes

Capitalizing on the UN’s technical expertise and convening power, the UN [Nutrition] Network works with an array of actors to 'hardwire' nutrition into a country’s policy and planning frameworks. These measures pave the way for effective, context-specific programmes that reach those most in need, including nutritionally vulnerable groups such as women, children and adolescent girls.

How? The UN Network draws upon diagnostic tools to guide these efforts and foster a common dialogue among nutrition stakeholders at the country level. Not only does this help align the UN’s support from policy to programming, it also helps bring greater coherence to the national nutrition agenda by instilling ownership in nutrition across sectors and institutions for shared results. Where the country UN Network includes the presence of REACH facilitators, it can leverage their neutral facilitation and knowledge brokering skills to bridge diverse work streams, accelerating progress towards achieving Outcome 2.

Highlighting how nutrition is reflected in related national policy/strategy frameworks fosters policy coherence and multi-sectoral nutrition planning


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Among other findings, the Policy & Plan Overview indicated that nutrition tends to be better reflected in the newer agriculture policies and strategies


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Decentralized development plans cover nutrition to varying degrees, with scope to further integrate nutrition into many of them


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Efforts taken to ensure that core nutrition actions omitted from the national nutrition policy/strategy are included in nutrition-related plans, including the national nutrition plan


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Government and development partners agreed upon a list of 20 Core Nutrition Actions from different sectors

MYANMAR (2017)

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    Selection of Core Nutrition Actions

    The ‘core nutrition actions’ (CNAs) are a subset of prioritized actions – both nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive – selected in a participatory manner with actors at the country level. The UN [Nutrition] Network Secretariat and REACH facilitators may be called upon to support the SUN Government Focal Point and other national authorities to moderate these multi-stakeholder, multi-sectoral discussions. The CNAs respond to a country’s nutrition problems and inform various exercises such as the Nutrition Stakeholder and Action Mapping and Policy and Plan Overview as well as nutrition governance processes. A series of slides are available, which outline various considerations that factor into the selection process, including the existing evidence-base, country experience and full spectrum of possible actions.

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    Policy & Plan Overview

    The Policy and Plan Overview (PPO) takes stock of the policies, strategies and plans that are related to nutrition in order to identify opportunities for better reflecting nutrition in them. Further analysis is conducted on the national nutrition policy, strategy and/or plan to ascertain whether they embody the multi-sectoral approach to nutrition and address cross-cutting issues such as nutrition governance. It serves as a key sensitisation exercise and may be adapted to the country context, encompassing sub-national plans, where feasible. Typically, the PPO is facilitated by REACH facilitators in concert with government actors and the UN partner agencies.

    List of resources and tools

    Disclaimer: The PPO tool is available upon request. For further information, please contact unnetworkforsun@wfp.org.

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