Article on UN Network-supported mapping published in Issue 10 of the Emergency Nutrition Network’s Nutrition Exchange

Article on UN Network-supported mapping published in Issue 10 of the Emergency Nutrition Network’s Nutrition Exchange

This piece profiles the process and learning from the Nutrition Stakeholder and Action Mapping exercises conducted in Burundi and Myanmar. Written by the SUN Government Focal Point in Burundi and other government staff actively engaged in multi-sectoral nutrition coordination, in collaboration with the REACH Facilitator in Myanmar and the UN Network Secretariat, the article illustrates how the mapping is facilitating multi-stakeholder engagement across key sectors to support more coordinated action. In addition to the Nutrition Exchange article, the mapping files from Burundi and Myanmar are posted on the new UN Network for nutrition website along with other related guidance and country examples. 

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The Nutrition Stakeholder and Action Mapping aims to identify which stakeholders are doing what, where and how, thereby providing a comprehensive picture of geographic and population coverage. This places government in a position to lead data-driven multi-sectoral, multi-stakeholder discussions to guide nutrition planning and scale-up in order to accelerate progress towards national nutrition targets. In some countries, the mapping is being leveraged to track the implementation of the national nutrition plan.

The mapping is a burgeoning area of UN Network work, which uses a tool developed by REACH in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group. In February 2018, the SUN Movement Secretariat (SMS) identified the UN Network as the technical mapping lead, acknowledging both the UN Network’s comparative advantage and the utility of this exercise. The expansion of the mapping is a priority for the SUN Movement MEAL system, as it utilizes data generated by the mapping exercise which is otherwise not available.

To date, the mapping has been conducted in a total of twenty-one countries and is currently underway in four others. These exercises were carried out as part of the UN Network’s, multi-sectoral Technical Assistance facility, with training and oversight support from the UN Network for nutrition Secretariat.

Mapping Statistics

Completed: Bangladesh | Burkina Faso | Burundi | Côte d’Ivoire | DRC | Egypt | Ethiopia | The Gambia | Ghana | Haiti | Lao PDR | Mauritania | Mozambique | Myanmar | Nepal | Niger | Rwanda | Senegal | Tanzania | Uganda | Zimbabwe

Ongoing: Lesotho | Mali | Sierra Leone | Sri Lanka