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© UNICEF/Nasser Almang


Through increased UN coordination and convergence, the UN [Nutrition] Network (UNN) helps participating agencies harness the full impact of their actions to help countries accelerate progress towards national nutrition targets.

UN Networks are established in all SUN countries; considerable progress reported in 2016

Source: UN Network for SUN 2016 Reporting Exercise; UN Network for SUN Contact List; & bilateral exchanges

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Overall UNN functionality scores at country level

Source: 2019 UN Network Annual Report 

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UN Network functionality at a glance

Source: 2019 UN Network Annual Report 

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Many country UN Networks are working closely with other SUN networks for greater impact on nutrition

Source: 2019 UN Network Annual Report 

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UNN tools are used in a growing number of countries

Source: 2019 UN Network Annual Report 

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Joint programming tendencies - development, humanitarian or both (2019)

Source: 2019 UN Network Annual Report 

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UN Network provides data on new indicators in the SUN MEAL country dashboard, Burundi example
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UN Network Reporting Portal

Launched in 2016, the portal provides a platform to collect, visualize and share key data on UNN. This includes reporting data that captures the state of the Network. In 2020, the UN Networks in all SUN countries completed the UNN reporting exercise the highest compliance rate (100%) on record for the second consecutive year. 

The reporting data feeds into an aggregated analysis, illustrating trends, gaps and opportunities for increased harmonization and convergence. UNN progress is also highlighted in seminal global reports, which ascertain how  UNN’s collective contributions (including those of UNN-REACH) are supporting greater nutrition results under the SUN Movement’s MEAL framework

Quarterly updates

UNN Country Profiles

This exciting new feature of the UN Network annual report highlights the country-specific membership, main achievements as well as other dynamics. Read about the UNN’s engagement in multi-stakeholder/sectoral platforms (MSPs), support to SUN Government Focal Points and collaboration with other SUN networks along the path to scale-up.
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REACHing for Results
Recalling that

UNN-REACH lends directly embedded support to SUN Government Focal Points and nutrition coordination structures on nutrition governance, particularly strengthening capacity for effective multi-sectoral, multi-stakeholder coordination. Countries call upon UNN-REACH to bring momentum to SUN processes and networks, most notably the UN Network, in order to accelerate action.

UNN-REACH results feed into the contributions of the greater UN Network in support of all five UNN outcomes. Independent evaluations on UNN-REACH have supplemented internal M&E mechanisms and identified where it is performing best. They have also provided strategic insights about the factors driving those successes, and guided the evolution of the UNN-REACH model. For additional information, visit the UNN-REACH webpage.